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Tzedakah Box Roundup

Last week I wrote about The Dorothy Saxe Invitational, a wonderful biennial exhibit at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco whereby artists are asked to interpret a Jewish ritual object. Today I’m bringing you a roundup of traditional tzedakah boxes.

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Haggadah Roundup

This is the Haggadah we’ve used for almost 15 years now. It’s a workhorse. Besides a few wine and food stains it’s held up pretty well. Storing all our copies is pretty easy too—since they’re not fragile, I can quickly pack them away in a box with all my other Passover stuff and forget about…

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Passover Roundup 2015

Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing all the goodies I’ve rounded up for Passover. Some are new and some are favorites from last year. Hope you enjoy!    

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Poppy Seed Pie for Purim

Every year a few weeks before Purim I start to feel a little Jewish guilt. I don’t particular enjoy making hamantaschens, and since the kids started middle school, I stopped making them altogether. Truth be told, I don’t really have much patience for making any sort of cookies.  I’d also love for the kids to celebrate…

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Sarah Lefton and all Things G-dcast

Feel awkward about your lack of Jewish knowledge? Wanna learn the basics? G-dcast has you covered.   Founder and Director Sarah Lefton and her team have brilliantly created meaningful Jewish screen time for both children and adults. Launched in 2008 with animated stories of the Torah told in 55 four-minute episodes, G-dcast has quickly become…

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Hanukkah Sweaters and More!

Christmas Sweaters are about to get some fierce competition. GeltFiend, a Jewish Chanukah clothing line, was recently founded by Carin Agiman after a successful Kickstarter campaign. I’m ordering the onesie for sure! For more information check out their website, Geltfiend.

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