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The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel

The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel is a beautiful multisensory boxed set that celebrates today’s Israel. From world-renowned artists and performers to brilliant educators who are making radical changes to the country’s school system to new movements in cuisine, and the recent wave of Israeli hip hop bands making an impact on the…

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Lior Shachar’s Urban Tableware

It all began in a simple pottery course Lior Shachar took as a child in the neighborhood where she grew up in Israel. In college she studied art therapy, but it was in the ceramics studio where she always felt inspired, energized, and happy. Eventually, Lior came to her senses and turned what she thought could…

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Challah Cover Roundup

 I’ve stumbled upon so many lovely modern and stylish challah covers lately. I’ve rounded them up and featured my favorites below. Do you have a favorite challah cover you use regularly for Shabbat?

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