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Rosh Hashanah Roundup 2017/5778

It’s hard to believe Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! This year, I’ve rounded up my favorite items from my favorite Judaica shops. If you click the name of the shop (in blue), you’ll be directed to the store’s online Rosh Hashanah page where you’ll find lots more goodies and gifts for the holiday. Are…

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The Rosh Hashanah Scoop

I hope your September is off to a good start. It’s hard to believe Rosh Hashanah is just three weeks away. I’ve rounded up some great new Rosh Hashanah items and included some old favorites.  Are you cooking anything new for the holiday? Any modern twists in how you’re celebrating? Please share!  

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Rosh Hashanah Cootie Catchers – A Giveaway!!!

IT’S  a giveaway and a promotion!!!! I love these fun Rosh Hashanah cootie catchers from Designs by Tenisha. Use them to decorate your table (put one cootie catcher at each place setting), give them out as host gifts or just use them to spread some good and sweet new year cheer.  One lucky reader will win a package of…

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A Mindful Time of Year

The High Holidays remind me to slow things down, focus on what really matters, and appreciate all the wonderful blessings and people in my life. But life gets busy and stressful again fairly quickly. Carla Naumburg has written a terrific book called “Parenting in the Present Moment.” She’s given me some great advice on how to be mindful all year long and I’m excited to share some of her wisdom with you today.

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A Sweet New Year

 Happy Sunday! Today it’s all about honey. It was so much fun sourcing all these great honey products for Rosh Hashanah. Hope you enjoy them! If you want more information on any of the items below, just click the description (in blue) underneath each photo and you’ll be directed right to the site. Next week, I’ll…

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