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Humans of Judaism

One Nation. One Family. Many Faces. Jews from across the Globe Humans of Judaism With over 10 million followers on social media, Humans of New York has inspired Humans spinoffs everywhere from Hong Kong to Cleveland. One of my favorites is Humans of Judaism. Nikki Schreiber started Humans of Judaism in 2014. Within the first six months…

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Challah Hub

Banana, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip, Sesame Tahini, Raspberry Cream Cheese, Lavender, Rose, Salted Caramel, Matcha…
You probably think these are trendy ice cream flavors.
But they’re not! They’re challah flavors!
The gals at Challah Hub are mixing things up (literally).

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Necklaces inspired by Helena Rubinstein

These gorgeous necklaces from History+Industry and Uli Rapp are modern interpretations of the bold jewelry that Helena Rubinstein wore. They’re so pretty I felt they needed their own blog post! Rubinstein, a successful cosmetics entrepreneur, rose from her humble origins in a small town in Poland to become an influential businesswoman who brought makeup to the masses. She empowered women to…

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