May 2015 archive

Max & Eli Sussman’s Brisket and Potato Kugel

To me, brisket and kugel are more like winter foods—something I’d cook for the holidays. But in San Francisco the fog’s rolling in and while most of you are thawing out from a very cold winter, we’re just getting started around here.  So, lately I’ve been making comfort foods like stews and one-pot hearty soups….

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Ruth Mergi’s Exquisite Papercuts

Ruth Mergi’s journey from law to full-time artist is inspiring. Her heart has always belonged to art. These days she devotes herself full-time to creating exquisite works of hand-cut and laser-cut paper art ketubahs, home blessings, and fine art.

I hope after you read my interview with Ruth you’ll be inspired to follow your passion in life and work, whatever it may be.

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Ben Orkin’s Challah

Ben Orkin takes challah-braiding to a whole new level. Set to the music of Philip Glass, his instructional video is just about the most beautiful challah-braiding tutorial I’ve ever seen .

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The Scoop

Happy Mother’s Day!! It’s my monthly roundup of good food, good reads, blogs and movies I love.

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Tesler + Mendelovitch

The best Mother’s Day is always a day filled with lots of hugs and kisses from my kids. I also like when they make me gifts.
A homemade gift is the best.
But then I saw these gorgeous clutches from Tesler & Mendelovitch and everything changed.

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