July 2016 archive

Mashu Designs

Aimee Millwood wanted a way to connect with people around the world who felt a connection to Israel, regardless of their religious or political affiliation. When she saw kids coming back from Birthright with a huge love for the country, and only a lame shirt from the shuk to show for it, she knew she…

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Challah Cover Roundup

 I’ve stumbled upon so many lovely modern and stylish challah covers lately. I’ve rounded them up and featured my favorites below. Do you have a favorite challah cover you use regularly for Shabbat?

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Berman’s Beautiful Jewelry

Berman Jewelers is a family business. Nirit and Avi Berman have been designing jewelry together for more than thirty years. They met on a trip to Sinai. Nirit was traveling with a friend and met Avi, who was working as a travel guide there. Nirit was born in Moshav Hayogev, and Avi is from Kiryat…

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