August 2016 archive

Shema-Or: Jewelry That Gives Back

Orna Simkhai started her career as a jewelry designer with the intention of helping others. I met Orna in her showroom in New York last week and learned all about the inspiration behind her beautiful line of Shema bracelets, necklaces and rings. I’m excited to share her story with you! In 2006, Orna was moved…

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The Scoop

It’s the scoop! We’ve got all sorts of interesting things to read, buy, eat, and make in August.

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Bubbe and Me in the Kitchen

Miri Rotkovitz’s new cookbook, Bubbe and Me in the Kitchen, is a great addition to my now growing Jewish cookbook collection. Miri, a food writer and the kosher food expert at, spent a good portion of her early years in the kitchen with her grandmother, and it left her with a lasting impression of…

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