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Monday’s Passover Pick

This seder plate is unlike any others. Created in collaboration with master weaver Jonathan Kline and California potter Victoria Morris, this limited edition plate consists of six handmade turquoise ceramic dishes nested in a woven black ash basket. Transform your seder table from ordinary to extraordinary. Contact March for more information. Tuesday’s Passover Pick —…

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8 Days of Top Picks for a Stylish Seder Table

Yep. It’s around the corner. I’m posting every day this week. It’s an 8 day round-up of fabulous finds for Passover. Today I’m bringing you cool coasters by Matanote.   After a disappointing search to find modern and tasteful Jewish cards, Molly Rosenberg took matters into her own hands and launched Matanote Stationery. These coasters…

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Loving My Jewish Cookbooks

I’m devoted to my Jewish cookbooks. Take my Joy of Cooking, my Barefoot Contessa, my Moosewood, all my Martha’s and Jamie’s and Nigella’s and even my Julia’s.  But please don’t ever take away my Jewish cookbooks.  My life has changed throughout the years. I went from being single to married to a family of four. We moved from East…

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Molly Yeh and the Best Challah You’ve Never Made

I bet you never made a challah quite like this one.  I bet you never met someone quite like Molly Yeh.  Let’s start with Molly and then we’ll talk about her challah.  She’s no slouch.  Molly graduated from Juilliard in 2011 with a degree in percussion. She’s played at Carnegie Hall and with the Hong Kong…

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Sari Srulovitch – Judaica Meets Modern Design

Sari Srulovitch inspires me. She’s an incredibly talented artist whose work is displayed in museums and private collections throughout the world. She so beautifully bridges the divide between traditional and ritual objects and clean minimalist modern design. She’s the mother of four children. Her oldest daughter and son are soldiers at the IDF and her younger children are twin…

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