Berman’s Beautiful Jewelry

Berman Jewelers is a family business.

Nirit and Avi Berman have been designing jewelry together for more than thirty years. They met on a trip to Sinai. Nirit was traveling with a friend and met Avi, who was working as a travel guide there.


Nirit was born in Moshav Hayogev, and Avi is from Kiryat Tivon. Berman’s studio is now in the same house where Nirit lived as a child.

Together they have been working and creating for decades. They each have their individual areas of interest and expertise but are united in their love as a couple and in their love for their shared work.

Nirit and Avi specialize in jewelry, combining gold, gems and ancient coins. They work with knowledgeable suppliers from around the world and feature a collection of stones of rare quality and color and ancient collectible coins.

Over the years they have worked on many projects, shown their work in exhibits in Israel and abroad, sold to celebrities, met different artists, and learned from experts in various fields. But they have always kept to their rustic sensibilities. Every stage of their jewelry-making process happens at their studio in Hayogev.

Nirt and Avi are inspired by the nature that surrounds them—from their beautiful view of the valley to their garden that they replant each season.

They work in a small workshop with a seasoned and loyal team of computer software experts, experienced setters, and professional goldsmiths. Each small piece of jewelry goes through an incredibly complex process.

Every person on the team does his/her part. Adding classical structures with precise proportions, clever mechanisms, delicate hinges, unique clasps, complex setting techniques and finishing touches, they pass the object from hand to hand until it is complete and the job is done.





abd6981b-c73b-49eb-a62a-ff4730073d51For more information, check out their Etsy shop: Berman Designers


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  1. David
    July 11, 2016 at 9:00 pm (6 years ago)

    Thank you for sharing. I see how the garden is their inspiration.. Great find!!


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