Necklaces inspired by Helena Rubinstein


Larch necklace by History+Industry

These gorgeous necklaces from History+Industry and Uli Rapp are modern interpretations of the bold jewelry that Helena Rubinstein wore. They’re so pretty I felt they needed their own blog post!

Rubinstein, a successful cosmetics entrepreneur, rose from her humble origins in a small town in Poland to become an influential businesswoman who brought makeup to the masses. She empowered women to redefine themselves on their own terms. The Jewish Museum’s exhibit, “Beauty is Power” celebrates Rubinstein’s life and unique sense of style and features her extensive art collection as well as her beloved miniature period rooms, clothing and jewelry. Also on display are vintage advertisements, cosmetic products and promotional films related to her beauty business. The exhibit is on view in New York through March 22.

Irene Wood launched History+Industry in 2011. It was born from her desire to translate ancient artifact to powerful contemporary adornment. Each piece is handmade by Wood with materials ranging from metals, semi-precious stones and painted wood.

Uli Rapp translates her fascination of the splendor of Elizabethan dress into wearable contemporary jewelry. All pieces are carefully made in screen print on lightweight soft materials. Rapp has invented a unique technique using medical plastic woven between the textiles.


Layered “Pearl” 18″ Necklace by Uli: Blue Mix.


Layered “Chain” Necklace by Uli: Silver


Layered “Chain” Necklace by Uli: Gold Mix


Layered “Pearl” 24″ Necklace by Uli: Bordeaux


Black and White Ball Necklace by History+Industry


Midas Gold Necklace by History+Industry.


Hearst Necklace by History+Industry

All the necklaces are available at The Jewish Museum Gift Shop. Check out The Jewish Museum’s website here to learn more about Helena Rubinstein. Also, be sure to shop the entire line of beautiful jewelry from History+Industry and Uli Rapp.

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1 Comment on Necklaces inspired by Helena Rubinstein

  1. denise Garone
    April 29, 2015 at 4:06 am (7 years ago)

    Julie, Thank you once again for inspiring me to get out and see some of the beautiful things out there. I’ll be checking out the show at the CJM this week as well as the lovely, bold jewelry in the gift shop.
    Your blog consistently motivates me to look around and enjoy what’s out there.
    Thank you


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