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Sarah Lefton and all Things G-dcast

Feel awkward about your lack of Jewish knowledge? Wanna learn the basics? G-dcast has you covered.   Founder and Director Sarah Lefton and her team have brilliantly created meaningful Jewish screen time for both children and adults. Launched in 2008 with animated stories of the Torah told in 55 four-minute episodes, G-dcast has quickly become…

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Hanukkah Sweaters and More!

Christmas Sweaters are about to get some fierce competition. GeltFiend, a Jewish Chanukah clothing line, was recently founded by Carin Agiman after a successful Kickstarter campaign. I’m ordering the onesie for sure! For more information check out their website, Geltfiend.

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Tradition is a Beautiful Thing

Every Rosh Hashanah I make the same meal for dinner—brisket with roasted sweet potatoes and apples and a fall salad with pears and pomegranates. I also make an apple cake and a round challah. We always  celebrate with our close friends who we’ve known since the kids were all toddlers. I tried to switch it…

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