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Apeloig Collection’s Beautiful Modern Mezuzahs

Driven by the desire to find Judaica products that work in harmony with the modern, minimalistic design they love, sisters Daniela and Gabriela Apeloig created Apeloig Collection in 2014. The mezuzah line is the first of many contemporary Judaica products they’ll be rolling out in the coming years. Daniela and Gabriela believe that “traditional shouldn’t…

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Hadas Shaham’s Modern Concrete Jewelry

Concrete has never looked so beautiful. Jewelry designer Hadas Shaham designs necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are clean, contemporary and minimalist. She’s inspired by architecture, geometric shapes and symmetry.  She uses materials such as cement, gold, rubber, silicone and even wood to handcraft each piece in the small studio next to her home. Hadas says that she…

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Sarah Resnick’s Beautiful Tallits

Sarah Resnick’s tallits are made with love from start to finish. First, her design inspiration comes from the Israeli poet Yehuda Amicha.
Next, women spinners and weavers from a rural Indian Village make the tallit fabric. Then it’s all sewn together in Cape Cod by a women’s cooperative that is dedicated to bringing high-quality manufacturing jobs to Massachusetts. Sarah puts the finishing touches on the tallit by tying the tzitzit before shipping it out to its lucky owner.

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Ruth Mergi’s Exquisite Papercuts

Ruth Mergi’s journey from law to full-time artist is inspiring. Her heart has always belonged to art. These days she devotes herself full-time to creating exquisite works of hand-cut and laser-cut paper art ketubahs, home blessings, and fine art.

I hope after you read my interview with Ruth you’ll be inspired to follow your passion in life and work, whatever it may be.

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Tesler + Mendelovitch

The best Mother’s Day is always a day filled with lots of hugs and kisses from my kids. I also like when they make me gifts.
A homemade gift is the best.
But then I saw these gorgeous clutches from Tesler & Mendelovitch and everything changed.

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The Search for Israeli Cuisine

This is how it happens sometimes.  A search for a new brisket recipe for Passover led me to discover an exciting upcoming documentary about Israeli cuisine.  I found this short film by Roger Sherman on The Brisket Book when I was looking for the brisket recipe. Roger, I then learned, is also an award-winning producer,…

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Breaking Matzo

Thanks to Andy Goldfarb, our Passover Seders will never be the same.  After you learn about Andy and his Breaking Matzo project, neither will yours.  Andy starts his Seder with a matzo-eating contest, asking everyone around the table to eat one piece of matzo as fast as they can without any water. “We have fun…

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