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Oma and Bella and Florence and Me

I know it’s Mother’s Day but I’m thinking about grandmothers.  Actually, I’ve been thinking about grandmothers for the past couple of weeks.  Last week I wrote about Oma and Bella — two holocaust survivors who recreated all the dishes their mothers and grandmothers made for them as children from memory. Oma’s granddaughter, Alexa Karolinski, made a film about them as they cooked and told stories about their lives. She…

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Oma and Bella

Meet Oma and Bella. Two extraordinary women.  One unforgettable film.  And a terrific cookbook too.  Oma (Regina Karolinski) and Bella Katz are best friends and roommates who live in Berlin. They are also Holocaust survivors whose entire families were wiped out by the Nazis.  After the war, they met in Berlin in a displaced persons’…

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