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Mexico City

Happy New Year! I’m taking a little break from my usual blog posting about Jewish life and style to share some of our photos and highlights of our recent Mexico City trip. We all had such a great time and were surprised by how much we loved this city. (The New York Times just selected Mexico City…

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Eastern Europe

We had such a great time traveling through Eastern Europe last month. It will take me some time to sort through my notes and digest it all. Even though it’s the beginning of August, and there is still a few weeks of summer left, I’m starting to think about all I have to do to…

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The Shuka Truck

One of the highlights of our recent trip to New York was eating at the Shuka Truck and meeting Gabriel, Josh, and Solomon. They are lifelong friends who grew up in the same town in Israel. They also grew up eating shakshuka — an Israeli dish of eggs poached in a tomato sauce spiced with harissa,…

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