The February Scoop

untitled-35-2Elisa Straus, in response to Amy Chua’s new book, shares her thoughts on what it means to raise successful children in “Tiger Mom, Why Not Raise a Little Mensch?” in The Forward.

What’s “normal” in one community may seem strange in another in KJ Dell’Antonia’s “It’s Harder to Age in Hollywood. Where is it Harder to Raise Kids?” in The Motherload Blog in The New York Times.

A great quote from Anna Quindlen…”Motherhood is not a test. I wasted years asking, Am I doing this right? But right is careful. Love cut liberally with fun—that’s the ticket. You want a kitchen sink full of pans and flour spread over the counter from making cookies, and memories. And who cares how the cookies turned out?” For more great Quindlen quotes visit this page on Oprah’s blog.

For some thoughts on aging, read Pamela Druckerman’s “What You Learn in Your 40’s” in The New York Times.

Love the blog Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. Katie’s got great recipes for busy moms and families. Her new cookbook, The Best Lunchbox Ever, is a must if you’re like me and often get into a lunch-making rut.

Have you seen the blog Fashion by Mayhem? She’s the incredibly talented 4-year-old who makes these fantastic paper versions of famous dresses with her mom.  Speaking of cool daughters and moms, here’s another great blog: What my Daughter Wore—an artist mom who documents the daily outfits of her kids and their friends.

 What inspired you in February?

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2 Comments on The February Scoop

  1. Lillie
    March 10, 2014 at 12:31 am (9 years ago)

    Love the photograph! I was surprised how much I enjoyed the “What my daughter wore” drawings and I would have missed it completely had you not featured it on Florence and Isabelle. Thanks again for all your great research and bringing us the best and the most interesting.

  2. Rhoda
    April 6, 2014 at 12:27 am (8 years ago)

    Love this blog. Sent it on to my daughters soo they could enjoy it as well.
    Lots of fun info they can share with their kids—-my grandkids!


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