Tradition is a Beautiful Thing

Every Rosh Hashanah I make the same meal for dinner—brisket with roasted sweet potatoes and apples and a fall salad with pears and pomegranates. I also make an apple cake and a round challah. We always  celebrate with our close friends who we’ve known since the kids were all toddlers.

I tried to switch it up this year. I thought about making chicken instead of brisket or trying something new from the Jerusalem cookbook. I wanted to make a honey cake. But the kids weighed in and said they didn’t want me to change a thing. They liked things just as they were.

It’s the same way with Chanukah. Every year the kids know their Dad will be in the kitchen frying up his famous latkes. We all sit around the kitchen counter eating them with our homemade applesauce and sour cream while forever contemplating what makes for a better latke—thin and crispy or thicker and denser? We won’t be making zucchini, sweet potato or celery root latkes. I get it. Certain things just should not be messed with.

It doesn’t matter if Rosh Hashanah falls on a Monday or the first night of Chanukah on a Sunday. We all come together and celebrate just as our grandparents and their parents did. My kids may think it’s just about mom’s brisket or dad’s latkes, but I know it’s about so much more. Tradition is a beautiful thing.


I’m posting every day this week—8 days of fabulous items to make your Chanukah beautiful, delicious and fun.

Today I’m bringing you these lovely letterpress Chanukah cards.

Happy Sunday!

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